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Why does religion have to govern us?

September 4, 2010

It has been more than a year that section 377 has been decriminalized but has it really changed the Indian society??

To be honest I don’t see much of a change. Our religious leaders continue to instigate people against homosexuals, relatives and neighbors still will gossip their asses away.

And if you or me think that we are superior and way above these people think again.  How many times has it been that we haven’t randomly tagged a guy gay? How many times have you said OMG!!! when you thought or found out that the person sitting next to you and looking at you was a homo?? A number of times? I thought so!

The Times of India on July 16 ,2009 had a very interesting story about a gay penguin couple, Harry and Pepper. The story described how the two had broken up after a five-year long relationship! The two loving creatures would take abandoned penguin chicks under their care.

While surfing through blogs, I found numerous posts sympathizing with the penguin couple. It left me wondering why we can sympathize with gay penguins but mock homosexual humans?

Despite homosexuality being prevalent amongst penguins they do not show any anti- social behaviour. Though penguins do not follow any religion, they are social and caring like human beings. In contrast, in the Hindu religion Snakes have a revered position and are worshipped but they eat their young ones. Clearly, anti social. Hence the premise that everything related to religion is good does not always hold. (just trying to prove that homosexuals aren’t bad or anti-social people)

Then why is it that we allow religion (and other norms too) to dictate us? Why is it that we silently nod our heads when religious leaders protest against recognition of Gay Rights? Even in the 21st century our laws are over shadowed by religion.

Sanctity of human behaviour by religion does not hold good anymore. So, how can we allow the government and law to function on the dictates of religion? The government initially refused to recognise homosexuality stating that it is against the laws of nature and religion prohibits unnatural sex. With the scrapping of Section 377, consensual sex between adults of the same sex has been legally recognised despite initial hiccups.

Though religion should act as a binding force, it is ironic to see how religion is dividing mankind today.  Think about it and you will realize that religion is indeed dividing us. It is dictating us what to do and what not to do (not on the basis of right or wrong, but just on their interpretation of what is written in holy books, and interpretations are a whole another issue).
We do not just have faith in religion; we have blind faith. When mixed with politics and law, religion usually results in catastrophe.

I am not writing to vocalize my feelings for gay rights (which I do support) but to vocalize my feelings about how religion is being used to abuse us. I am not against religion, but strongly feel that religion and law cannot and should not be mixed. The result is always disastrous.

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  1. September 5, 2010 4:07 PM

    love the post.. 🙂
    and absolutely adore Harry and Pepper.. 🙂

  2. September 5, 2010 4:09 PM

    Thank you AK your suppost means a lot to Harry and Pepper, and to me too!
    Thank You

  3. venda venda...ilya ilya permalink
    September 6, 2010 3:47 PM

    contradictions abound in our society..specifically in india..where the State hopes to establish a uniform civil code. It’s a tall order considering how deeply the concept of religion is entrenched here. The probability of mass suicide is much higher than turning our religiously fanatical ‘nation’ into a secular (french definition) one. But then again, is that desirable?

    my religion, i like to believe, is my own business and i feel the ‘opinion leaders’ who interpret and pretty much dictate the terms of righteous behaviour are to be blamed for the societal discord rather than any religion itself. kya kare..kalyug hai ye 😛

  4. September 13, 2010 8:39 AM

    Religion and law cannot be mixed?
    Thats a bit off.
    Religious texts makes laws, which contradict the judicial law big time..
    So its either follow your religion or follow the judicial law.

    • September 14, 2010 10:42 AM

      The reason why religion and law cannot be mixed is because in a country like India where everybody has the right to follow and propagate their religion pleasing every religion is impossible. For eg. Muslims can have beef but in Hinduism it is a sin to harm a cow. If one is going to formulate laws on the basis of religion how is one supposed to choose? Moreover religion is a way of like and one has the right to decide whether one is going to follow it or not, nobody can impose it on us. Law is to be based on rights and values and not beliefs. Though im not saying that one should disrespect another persons beliefs.

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