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Misusing the tax payers money

September 7, 2010

Well it was just a little less than a week ago that me and my friends were constantly talking bout Mr. K using the CWG just to rake in loads(truck) of cash! We just couldn’t find enough abuses to for mr. K as he was grossly misusing his office. Never mix business with pleasure (or so they say).

But little did I know that I to would be stuck in a similar fix. I started with my CWG volunteer duty a week back. Thankfully I get to sit in an AC office [it’s so cold that we all wear our rain coats to block the gush of icy cold wind!!!] and work on the computer.

Well the dilemma I am in is that should I or should I not use (read misuse) the internet facility on my boss’s computer. Well when I look around I see everyone standing in a Q to use the net & I too get tempted. I have used the net (a no. of times). But then I think can I really slam Mr. K for doing whatever he is doing if I’m doing the same. Of course my spending doesn’t cause inflation and nor am I a huge BIG BLACK BLOTCH on India’s reputation but still can I smack that mo-fo?

Also in the end I am completing all my duties. I sit everyday on the same chair and use a scanner to check-out all the uniforms. The AC and all my new friends are what are keeping me sane and happy. And Mr. K ain’t doing that. Uh huh!! For example Mr. Lameo and his gang, including Shiela Dixi (Dixi is on purpose) could at least remove all the garbage and waste construction materials! Its the  cause of a massive outbreak of dengue and I’m not kidding !(my best friend & 3 acquaintances died)

Still, is this an excuse to justify myself or shall I be unperturbed cause others will use the net in the office & enjoy myself ?


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  1. September 7, 2010 7:59 AM

    nice one.. 🙂
    Mr. K should be castrated..
    as for the cleaning up.. I STRONGLY agree… the only people we could blame for losing a friend (and your three acquaintances), are those dope-heads sitting in their A/C room on a revolving chair with a windows 7 computer about which they don’t know head about..

    My thoughts for them.. @#$%^&*!.. x-(

    And as for you.. they should be obligated to at least give you the luxury of net in the office, if they expect you to work for them without too much compensation.. 😉

  2. September 7, 2010 8:04 AM

    Thank you…
    I no longer feel guilty!
    Though I doubt that i would have felt guilty for long 😀

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