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OMG I think i might just die..

September 12, 2010

Well till now everyone just thought that the 2010 commonwealth games will be bringing a great amount of shame to India and truck loads of green to Kalmadi & co.’s bank accounts. But what nobody probably thought was the CWG is some sort of Yamaraj!

Well it is true. Unbelievably true!! All the unfinished business (construction work) has given those tiny pesky creatures (mosquitoes) lots of places to breed. The number of dengue cases in Delhi have increased many fold.

But when one thinks of these things one usually considers these to be a problem in ‘ughh those areas’ aka slums. Never does one realize that a breeding ground for Lui and his pals (the way mortein calls them) may just be right behind your posh south-delhi home.

Thanks to Mr Kalmadi and darling Dixi, Lui and his pals are everywhere. Our leaders were so engrossed with their own petty lives that little did they realize that CWG stadiums and offices do not reflect an image of the next superpower. Rather they too are breeding grounds!

Walking from the Pragati Maidan metro station to my duty area (same place from where all the broadcasting will be done and uniforms and accreditation cards are being distributed) i found a huge stagnant pool of rain water.

Gosh, OK! dude i am volunteering for a dysfunctional thing free, i have agreed to wear those crappy red polyester uniforms, eat that bad bad bad food and suffer the full-blast AC. WHAT MORE DO YOU EXPECT?!?!? Me to risk my very existence? Please for f* sake clear the drains and unclog your brains.

If this wasn’t enough to scare us away a mishap was just around the corner to make us jump out of our skins. (if i want to jump out of something it would be the ugly & uncomfortable uniform). All of us (volunteers) were sitting on our seats, happily doing our duty when this temporary partion collapsed on our heads! Thank god no one got hurt. Imagine what would have happened if that metal rod supporting the cardboard walls would have fallen on anybody’s head. That person’s skull would have cracked open like a coconut!

I really don’t think i want to die.

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  1. September 14, 2010 4:32 PM

    Forbes 2011 ranking will involve one more billionaire from India if he decides to disclose his wealth, Mr. Kalmadi.

    • September 17, 2010 4:57 PM

      Not just Kalmadi but a lot more people. This scam involves many more people, Kalmadi is only the face (ugly face)!!

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