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Social Networking

October 11, 2010

Well the first thing that comes to our mind when anyone mentions the word social networking is facebook- the friend lists and the likes the comments and the status updates. No matter what Marshall McLuhan said about the media making the world into a a Global Village, I still believe that nothing beats old school.

So much for technology, fb and all. Nothing compares to the good old smile and hellos. To  be honest fb seems to rather stupid to me, yet I’m on it (sadly), cause one has 500 friends (so the stats show). 500 friends!! Honestly? Randomly adding hot girls and cute boys or accepting requests from people does not make them friends. On the contrary people you meet up accidentally and then strike a conversation are much better, this is what I learnt in the past week.

Just before the CWG’s opening ceremony I was on my duty at the Uniform and Accreditation Centre at the checkout counter. A bunch of technical officials made their way towards my counter and as their bad luck would have it the software wasn’t working and they had to wait. I just started talking to one of them, who seemed bright and chirpy. He turned out to be a representative of the Badminton Federation. I complained to him that we(volunteers) weren’t been given any thing and they on the contrary were getting a HUGE kit – from hand towels to scarfs, business suits to casual clothes PLUS free tickets to the opening ceremony!! He asked me if I’d like to attend the ceremony and I went like ‘DUH!!!’. He smirked and took out a whole bunch of tickets and asked me how many did I want. I was totally dumbstruck.

Later he even gave me his mobile and told me that I could contact him if I wanted to attend any event at the Jawaharlal Stadium! (Which he later did arrange for me and my friends!!) All I did was smile and interact with a bunch of oldish people while they were waiting. Asking someone (nicely) who they are, what do they do etc works wonders. The other person is rather pleased to know that you are being nice to them, and they respond (like hell yeah!!).

All that one needs to do is network around, a genuine smile or compliment is a million times better than sending a smilie on fb. Our virtual lives have taken over our real world and left us bereft of social understanding or conduct. No, im not saying that the internet is bad etc etc ,just that nothing beats that personal touch.

I took my really close pal for one of the athletic events and she in turn too got complimentary tickets for me that her dad arranged for us. In the end I attended the Heptathlon, Decathlon, Hockey and Rugby events just by smiling and interacting with an uncle and sharing stuff with my pals.

So no matter what people say old school ain’t uncool!!

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  1. October 11, 2010 7:30 PM

    Awesome post AN! 🙂
    And I completely agree with you..
    I don’t even find it special any more when old friends wish me on my birthday by simply being reminded by facebook and writing it on my wall.
    It just defeats the purpose.
    I’m still a sucker for the cards and the 12 o’clock phone calls.. 🙂
    Plus I hate doing ‘fraandship’ with people. and those losers who have 500+ friends on their list. I don’t think they’d even have five in reality (for the losers that they are).. 😛

    Love you AN..
    Hugs.. 🙂

    • October 13, 2010 9:04 AM

      Thanks chutki,
      well i really dont enjoy those 12 o’clock calls cause im the early to bed and dont disturb me kinda ppl. You know it 😀
      But yes the personal thing it the best

  2. October 21, 2010 2:13 PM

    true that!! nice post 🙂

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