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Westernization doesn’t mean vulgarization

October 27, 2010


My friend  recently got an internship with this online magazine and i was very eager to read all about it. That is when i stumbled upon this article. This in my opinion has to  one of the most obscenely immature and seriously naive articles that i have come across!

It was probably the most obscenely naive and opinionated article i have ever read. The moment i read it i just couldn’t control my bloof pressure, and it shot up like hell.

To this ridiculous article the following was my comment:

“You sound like the CM of Goa. What makes you believe that every girl in ‘Skimpy Clothes’ is trying to attract men. Excuse me sari isn’t a very conservative piece of clothing either. You can see the arms, back, midriff, belly, neck of a woman. And if one dresses up in western clothes it doesn’t mean that one has lost his/her morals. Yes India is changing, but not going down the drain. What if we don’t touch our parents feet that doesn’t mean that we have lost repect for them. And if we decide to sit with them and drink or chat shows that we have been able to bridge the gap. One doesn’t have to be brainless and just do whatever our parents tell us to. That’s what dogs do,follow orders. We have decided to think for ourselves.

Moreover, you think the age of losing virginity has gone down, HONESTLY! I wonder what did men and women do when they got married at the tender age of 4. Let me guess they waited till they crossed 50 and then got into bed.

And as far raja ram mohan roy is considered he might have removed sati but he always carried a brahmin cook along. Are these the morals you want us to inculcate?
But what we have to realize is that development/modernization and westernization are two different terms. Aping the west mindlessly isn’t right.

I’d like to ask you that are you a part of the youth? Cause your article doesn’t sound as if you’re a part of it.”

I agree to disagree but when anyone makes such sweeping sentences it is hard to control myself. This guy’s article is probably the height of ethnocentricism.

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  1. October 28, 2010 6:22 AM

    Plagiarist! :D.
    As for being ethnocentric, I don’t think he epitomizes that particular sect. It’s not bad being one, this guy on the other hand is downright medieval.

    • November 5, 2010 5:48 AM

      How am i a plagiarist???
      I have my own comment!!
      Well i still believe that this guy is ethnocentric cause clearly he believes that he is right and his ideas are infallible.

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