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Back to Reality…Sadly

December 31, 2010

WOW!!! That’s the least that i can say cause nature just keeps on shocking and amazing me! My trip to Kerela and lakshwadeep was fantastic.

Travelling through the lush green tea estates, helping with the Chinese fishing nets, praying in the basilica, buying antiques, dipping ones toes in the cool brook, riding elephants, getting lost in spice gardens, feeding the endangered Nilgiri Tahrs and rafting on the Periyaar lake. Thats what Kerela was all about.

Lakshadweep on the other hand is and will always remain unparalleled!! GOSH even while thinking and writing about it i’m transported back to that wonderful land of colours. Snorkeling for hours was like living with colorful fishes. Floating in the sea around the corals, star fishes, sea horses, giant clams and a hundred other species.  The white sand, so soft, so fine. WONDERFUL!

But now i’m back in Delhi, sadly. Transported to reality, almost dumped back on planet Earth. I can count the number of days left for my university exams on one hand. Alas, such is life.

PS: God i didn’t ask you for anything on Christmas, so i’d like to redeem my voucher now. Please i want to pass my exams

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