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7 Khoon Maaf

February 21, 2011

With loads of expectations did I enter the movie hall and thankfully I wasn’t disappointed, much. After having watched Priyanka in movies like Love Story 2050 and Pyaar Impossible (yes I did watch ’em,sadly) 7 Khoon Maaf is a pleasant change.

But the only change from the rest of her previous movies is her wonderful acting. On the other hand the plot is a bit shaky, though not AS shaky as 2050. Largely based on Ruskin Bond’s book – Sussana’s 7 husbands, the movie is a rather dark one.

It shocks and amazes me how she ends up being with every crazy and twisted man on Earth. Well there are 6 husbands to be precise- the Major (langda, who feels her up and down with the half leg and whips his servants), the crazy pseudo- rockstar who wears a kilt and USA bandana along with numerous wigs (twisted), a muslim husband for whom she changes her religion and he in turn changes her face structure, the two-timing slimy Russian, the almost stalker like police inspector, and a money-monger-mushroom-growing bong!

She jumps from the frying pan into the open blazing hot fire, time and again! But the best part is played by ghunga- the faithful pilla-whiper, the maid and the butler- all of whom assist her in knocking off her parasitic husbands.

With the marrying and killing of one husband after another it is established that black is her colour. Pushing them into pits or in front of black panthers, playing Russian roulette or an overdose of Viagra- are some methods she employs along with her servants to knock ’em dead!

The least impressive character has to be that of John Abraham’s, the twisted drug-addicted-self-proclaimed-rockstar. His character is not very believable, as in an instant he is transformed for a nice guitar playing guy to a cheat, cocaine addict with groupies.

Another important role is played by Sugar, as Priyanka calls him. It turns out that the young actor is Nasserudin Shah’s son! Must watch out for him. In the movie he is one of the ‘pillas’ working on her estate. Priyanka takes pity on the poor boy and sends him to school, he in turn becomes a forensic expert and is the one handling her case. What’s interesting is that this man develops a HUGE crush on her. Konkana Sen plays his wife.

It is his job to investigate whether the dead body found in the burnt house is her’s or not. Which of course isn’t  still he says that it is in order to repay the debt he owed her. He in the end tracks her down and witnesses her take up the role of a nun.

the movie ends rather abruptly leaving us to ponder about the 7th murder. Is it her (alleged) murder/death or is it her maid’s death (she tries saving her while her house is burning)? I couldn’t figure that one out. I’d like to believe that the 7th murder is Sussana’s murder (metaphoric of course).

The movie does have a few good songs, Darling being my favourite. The only proper dance sequence is a tango between her(while she is the Major’s wife) and a junior officer, who happens to be a Danceworx instructor- Gautam. Knowing his capabilities I feel that the dance number could have been better visualized as it has some element missing.

Overall, 7 Khoon Maaf is an off-beat movie and good enough one too. A one time watch is what I’d say.

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  1. March 3, 2011 12:20 AM

    I haven’t watched this one yet. will look out for it.

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