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Colours I love

March 20, 2011

I know its holi today and I should be outside jumping around throwing colours and water balloons on friends and foes. But somehow I prefer to have a laid back sunday, sitting in my garden enjoying the beauty of nature.

Ladybirds flying, leaves in hues of red, orange and brown falling, near-naked trees standing all around. Sitting back in my chair and sipping on refreshing thandai while observing nature frees my mind from the everyday nitty gritties, such a relief.

The extended sleep and then lazying in the garden gave me time to visit memory lane. I remembered how me and my brother used to enjoy holi and no matter how much cream and oil we applied the colours just wouldn’t come off! Next day we’d have to go to school all red and pink and what not. And we didn’t feel embarrassed even one bit on the contrary we showed off the colours with immense pride, like war wounds.

We’d have to get up early morning to fill up all the buckets we could find, fill balloons with water, get ready with colours and our pichkaris. As the day proceeded we’d roam around the colony with our friends on the lookout for victims. It used to be fun, lots of fun.

It was only late afternoon that we’d return home all tired and super hungry. Gosh the moment we’d hit home one could smell the delicious aroma of aloo, puri and halwas and home-made gujiyas. YUM! How we’d pounce on it all, almost like animals.

Today on the other hand is very different from those days. My brother has been in hostel for the past 4 years, pursuing engg, so there is no partner in crime for me. I guess thats the reason why I no longer play holi and prefer this holiday to be spent in a more peaceful and quaint way, enjoying the company of nature.

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  1. March 27, 2011 11:19 PM

    Oh that is how I remember my holi of my childhood days as well! This post brought back some sweet memories.Nicely written.

    • March 30, 2011 6:04 PM

      i guess childhood is the BESt time where every event is blown out of proportion and celebrated like hell yeah

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