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Black Beauty

March 30, 2011

Black is usually associated with elements are notorious, dark or wrong. From the villain to the portrait of a scary night, all are enveloped in black and yet the pure priest dons black. My mother constantly keeps on telling me that the blackness of nightfall brings out the worst in everyone, yet a lawyer too wraps himself in black.

Though it is a considered to be a gloomy colour and one for those in mourning, for me black is probably the most interesting colour there can ever be. It’s only in the blackness of a theater that we can actually comprehend the true colours present around. It gives us the tool to be anonymous, be a invisible spectator and notice things around us.

Black and blackness let us hide things, hiding is good once in a while. May it be our wobbly bit or a test paper in the black cupboard. Stalkers thrive in all corners and streets black, dressed in black (not good). Yet at the same time lover’s too get courage to visit their loved ones in the blackness of the night. Kissing and cuddling under the black velvet sky.

Black is a multi-faceted element, it means and does so much. It along with white are the only two colours who can stand all alone in a poster and yet convey everything without any text!

Black absorbs everything – light, heat, stains or even mass, like the black hole. Black and blackness can be scary, romantic and freeing. With no one able to notice or recognize you, you can jump like crazy or walk with those with whom you wouldn’t even wanna be caught dead.

Its funny that people ask for colour in their lives yet end up dyeing their hair to try and keep in touch with the ‘colourful’ years of life.



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  1. April 10, 2011 7:04 PM

    Black is an irreplaceable color of human personality.the yin of yang. a half of duality. The ever-existing.I love the way you write.

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