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Must KILL that woman

April 19, 2011




These were the notes I made in my mind the moment I saw my mobile ringing at 12:20 am. Off course i had to strike them out because I’m not insane but trust me I had to use a insane amount of energy to control myself from beating the crap out of my classmate (whom i’m not particularly fond off, even more so now) the next day.

All my friends, enemies, acquaintances etc. have standing instructions NOT TO CALL ME AFTER 10pm, not even on my B’Day. Yes NOT EVEN ON MY B’DAY!!! I’m one of those college-goers who has pretty much stuck to her school-like time table. I live by the saying,’ Early to bed, early to rise…’ and I really don’t care if my friends call me a cave-woman, which they do.

I’ve always been out of my bed before 6 in the morning, holidays too are a rare exception. I like the rising sun and walking on the moist morning grass, the chirping birds. I hate my mobile vibrating or ringing when I’m sleepy, I get irritable, sometimes violent too. If you’re lucky i might just have a memory lapse of what happened post 10pm. My friend from college, AK, will vouch for it. In the 1st year she called me (apparently) up at 12 to wish me a Happy B’day (by disturbing my sleep). In the morning, in college, she rushed to me happily asking me if she was the first one.

Me:”What first one?”

AK: “To wish you!!”

Me: “You didn’t wish me!!”

AK: “Yes I DID!! Check your call log”

Me:” OOOOOOHH you did! You did?! Huh! Hmmm..interesting”

The next B’Day she again called me up this time also she called me up but I didn’t pick it up. I didn’t realize that someone (lots of someones) was calling me up. My mom did, thus she threw my mobile outside.

Why would you want to ruin someone’s B’Day my messing up their sleep ON THEIR B’day?!!

I wonder where have the phone manners gone? As a child my mom taught me how to answer a phone, how to address people and when and when not to call up people. If one ever disturbed the other person one immediately apologized and asked if one should call up later. Somehow today its quite the opposite, the open who has been disturbed or sleeping should apologize for having missed this ‘yaars’ call!!

If today you walk up to that swine and scold or even inform the person to having fucked with your sleep they make a face use the wannabe slangs “O.M.G. like W.T.F girl its not like i was having fun (fun along with hand actions signifying quotations) calling you up. and what were you doing sleeping at that time?!!” Ok! so I’m answerable to you regarding what I do and at what time?!

Next time she calls me up at an odd hour the lines ” Kill her, with pencils…” would be in reported speech on a police charge-sheet, for I will do so!

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  1. April 19, 2011 4:19 PM

    ‘Someone’ should so read this. 😛
    And by the way.. I feel even more special now, since yo wished me on my birthday at 12.. 😀
    hugs.. 🙂

    • April 19, 2011 4:23 PM

      I begged Bhar to talk to me till 11:30 and since I was sleepy i took a lil’ nap and begged him to call me up at 12 to wake me up!!!
      HELLO… I just redefined dedication for you 😀 ❤

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