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Bus Ride

April 21, 2011

I bet all of you have have at least once in your life time traveled by bus, if not you’ve really missed something.

Travelling by road, especially by bus, is the best way to understand the world around you. Aeroplanes just zip over hundreds of miles so you really don’t know what is happening down there. Trains do pass by villages and towns and country side but don’t halt for long. On the other hand buses will halt and go. Stop for some chai-pani, to relieve ones self, fix a tire puncture or whatever.

Over the past many months of travelling to-and-fro to college i have met, studied and listened to hundreds of people. Some will introduce themselves, others might be chatting on the phones (loudly..ugh!!!) while others might be talking to the person next to them. Knowingly or unknowingly they endup telling everything about themselves.

Just 3 days ago a middle-aged Sardarji climbed on to the bus  while talking to his relative(i presume) . He was talking about how his daughter and a boy had been seeing each other, and had become a huge scandal. The boys parents wanted both of them to get married ASAP as now the cat was out of the bag. “Arre woh na zara purane khayalat ke log hain, isi liye woh kah rahe hain ki shaadi may mein hi karvade.” I wonder why the father wanted to broadcast this ‘scandal’ in the entire bus? But sure was entertaining.

The other day my friend, Sharma, told me how a “Haryanvi Thakur-kind of Tau’ was on the phone trying to fix the marriage of his daughter. By the end of her bus journey she knew where he lived, what his sisters had given for someone’s marriage, how much his wife had spent on jewelery etc. Had a thief been sitting behind him he would have the time of hi life planning his next heist!

Thanks to the mobile we get so wrapped up in our lives that we do not realize that we are putting up all our details for others to tune into- our address, our problems, scandals, opinions etc.

Talking of opinions I remember  to random old (very) men sitting in the bus and talking of the Indian army, and how the generals were ‘Namards’! It was after the entire Adarsh society scam. They were hurling abuses ‘Unki maa ki ******’, ‘@#$^%#$ %&^%^&$ ‘ and a lot more. Despite my staring at them they just didn’t stop. They were frustrated and infuriated for they wanted the army to overthrow the corrupt politicians but alas. they themselves were corrupt.

Buses are many at times a pain in the ass because of the crowd( too much) – the chee- chee of little brats, the chitter-chatter of women, the bad and lewd haryanvi songs, the abusive men etc. But it still is interesting for everyday I end up sharing space with new specimens!!

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