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I love you Osama!!

May 3, 2011

NO! NO! DON’T TAKE IT THE WRONG WAY!   I hate that bastard for being the reason behind Afghans destruction, killing of thousands of innocent people, and for waging a war against other religions and countries in the name of religion.

But you see I’m a student of journalism and for my paper Advanced Reporting, I have to be in touch with all the latest and most important stories. We are asked to write 900 words long articles, 5 articles. So had Osama been killed even two months ago, I would have had to write about a 10 year war in those 900 words, not forgetting about fundamentalism and war against terror too!!

So I rather glad that the retarded swine hid around for a couple of months more. Over and above that, his death was SOOOOOOOOOO rightly timed. Had I seen just one more photograph of the baldie and his wife I would have barfed! It was getting really sickening, not that it wasn’t so before.

So Osama I hope that Allah puts a smile upon your face, for you have saved my ass, while fishes chew on your balls for you bastard killed many!!!

My feeling resonate 😀

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