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Some honesty after all this 24×7 Baba shaba

June 5, 2011

After watching Lallu’s interview on TV (which was super entertaining, always is) I was channel jumping, every channel only had the ‘Midnight Crackdown’. I refuse to believe that nothing else is happening in this country which has a population of millions!

I can across a hindi news channel which having an open discussion on the Ramdev crackdown, again. Before I could change the channel something caught my interest.

An old man on the panel had a very imperative point to make. What he said was brutally honest. He said that no matter how many anti-corruption laws we enforce, we have 28 existing laws, we can never get rid of corruption until we ALL stop practicing corrupt practices. There is no use in pointing fingers at politicians or bureaucrats and blaming them for a corrupt society, for we all constitute this  society.

I completely agree with what the man said, but I was shocked to see the audience and another panelist boo him. “Arre hum corrupt nahi hain!!”, said the other panelist.

Really? Are we all not corrupt? Well then how is it that the society is? If we, common man, the majority aren’t corrupt then how can the society at large be branded corrupt?

I, you, you, he, she, in short everyone is corrupt. We are corrupt for we agree to give bribes or decide to be mute spectators. It needn’t be just bribes but any inappropriate, out of turn, abuse of power would count as corruption.

I know that when I was the head-girl of my  school I’d at times let my friends break the rules. I know that I don’t object when someone is putting a proxy in class.

It’s not just me but also the person sitting next to me who is as corrupt, if not more. I remember this kid from my bus, Anus (I know freaky name!), telling us how he bribed a police officer by slipping in a Rs 100 note in a tissue. He had been caught for underage driving, he must have been in class 9 i suppose.

Moreover, I know of a 67-year-old grandmother, who for her grandkids’ passports slipped in Rs 1000!!

So if someone tells me that they aren’t corrupt, I’d say you’re worse for you are unwilling to accept the evident truth. If you aren’t going to accept the cause how are you going to treat it?

If passing of laws was going to change anything then I guess we would have long ago seen the end of female infanticide and foeticide, or rape, communalism, racism and a lot more maladies infecting our society.

And if anyone thinks that I’m going to give any legitimacy to a bunch of loonies, well then they are wrong. I’m all anti-corruption but I’m not for a hastily passed bill. And definitely not a  man who in his ‘Model village’ flogs people for interacting with the opposite sex or for drinking. Why would I want a Khap sort of a person who might want to flog me?

Or a man with gross political desires hiding behind the farce of a sadhu/baba? A man who believes that homosexuality is a disease and that he can cure it? Or who thinks that 1000 and 500 rupee notes must not be printed!! A man who things religion has the right to interfere in everyone’s lives.

The simplest yet most difficult solution to the entire problem of corruption or any corrupt practice is that we mend our ways. For not only is the man who is copying from another man’s sheet punished but also the man who is aiding him.

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