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The third gender

June 22, 2011

Soon after finishing my assignment on street fashion, at Janpath, I got into an auto eagerly wanting to reach home. It was really hot today and was looking forward to getting out of sweat soaked clothes and a nice cold shower. But then there was something thattranspired en route that completely changed my mood.

The auto stopped at a red-light, on barakhamba road, when an eunuch came towards my auto. Clapping, if that is what it can be called, she asked me for money “Arre 10 nahi 5 dede” to which I did not reply. I’ve told, warned by everyone never to communicate with them for then they start harassing you. Well since it was an auto, it was open, and she touched me (more like caught hold) and asked me for money. A bit rattled and pissed I said in the most polite way that I don’t have any (which was true, I only had 50 enough for my auto).

I wish s/he would have walked away but she didn’t. She said something that took me by surprise and got REALLY angry. She abused, not the normal salla or kutti but the seriously grave ones. I got so pissed off that I wanted to get off the auto and beat the living crap out of her and abuse her. But I controlled myself, I bid my peace and sat waiting for the light to turn green.

I got back home and asked my close friend, Bhar, to call me up. I ranted for good one n half hours about it and other things.

Did she have the right to abuse me for I didn’t give her money? You and me, we all work and earn our daily bread. No one just hands it down. I know and I understand that the problems the third gender has to undergo for the society isn’t very accommodating nor sympathetic. But then does an eunuch or anyone else have the right to DEMAND alms? As far as my understanding goes begging is illegal, and over and above that getting aggressive for I didn’t give you money.

I don’t mind buying a pencil from the kids who are selling them on crossing, or buying a rose for they are working. I make an exception for old people for they are weak and cannot work. But somehow I don’t accept begging.

I remember I was in school, class 6, when my exams had gotten over and I along with my friends was standing outside our school when a child walked up to us. He had a note in his hand which said please give me money. We along from our meager pocket money gave him 5 bucks each and signed on the  note. After sometime we walked into ethopia, a popular hangout spot for us, and saw the same kid actually BUYING a burger for himself!! For that day onward I do not give alms to anyone.

I’m not stopping anyone from begging for I can’t get them jobs, but what I do know that they could work. We all do. If nothing else at construction sites or at a dhaba. One doesn’t need any qualifications for such work.

Anyways, what that person did, beg and abuse, will that get her any respect? I’ve seen them strip and abuse on trains, and my friend says that he even seen them hit people on a train for they didn’t pay up!  You’ve seen then outside baraat ghars begging, demanding seems to be a better word, for money or else they’ll curse you! If they can’t respect themselves can anyone or will anyone respect them?

I have no idea what my point is, its all muddled up because of the anger and irritation. I’ve always argued that the government should have a third gender option in all forms and not be ignorant of their plight but right now i’m pretty pissed off to say the least.

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