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July 31, 2011

There is something rather compelling about Singapore. Its south-east asia yet every time I look around I can spot an Indian or two. The weather is nice – warm like the Indian sun yet not hot enough to kill you. The food, ah yes the fine cuisine! It has it all. True chinese (not our Punjabi concoction), lots of Indian, continental, Malayan. Just name it and you’ll find it in Singapore.

But what in my opinion is the best thing about Singapore is its people. The are warm, fun-loving, active, beautiful, wonderful and best of all well mannered. Its like fantasy world! You can stand in a line at the metro station without being pushed or having to scream at people for jumping the line. After years did my ears hear the sweet melodious thank you, please, excuse me so many times a day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a little child or what. For any little inconvenience  like moving a little or anything.

Comparing those little  angelic tiny tots to Indian kids, indian kids are probably the most ill-mannered. No I’m not being racist! I  have had the good fortune of travelling a lot and this is one definite conclusion that I draw. Indian kids are ill-mannered brats with no sense of shame or respect for others and one has to blame the parents for that.

Haven’t we all come across a boisterous kid who will imitate adults in a wrong way, hit others, use abusive or bad language and the parents will look on and say “Aaye mera sona bacha, kitna pyara hai”. Instead of correcting their child’s wrong doings parents love to pat them of their backs cause their kid is ‘manchala’.

Airline and trains are the worst places to encounter them. I don’t blame the airline for banning infants and little kids from flying first class. You or I aren’t buying a 50K ticket just to hear a child whine or scream. After watching a nice movie I just want some sleep. I don’t want to hear a whiny, cranky kid.

I wish Indians taught their kids how to behave or at least let others teach them. They just can’t accept that a stranger just scolded their ‘munna’ especially if the stranger is a women. It is almost illegal for women to tell parents to mind their children. The first thing that they say instead of a sorry is “Kaisi aurat hai! Khud ke bacche nahi hain kya?”. What does that have to do with your child being a plain and simple pain in the ass??!!

I still can’t get over the fact that I saw a little girl pooping in the middle of a crowded street. No she wasn’t homeless, she was accompanying her mother to the Trade Fair. She had to ‘go’ so her mother just let her pull up her frock and drop her junk in front of hundreds of people while there was a toilet right in front!

At least that happened on the road consoles my friend RP. She goes on to narrate how she was utterly shocked to see a child peeing in the metro. That’s right IN THE METRO!! The family didn’t mind on the other they were the ones who OKed the child’s innovative idea!

I can’t blame my classmate,V, for hating kids. She laughs at the thought of biting their heads off. But I feel that the anger is mis-directed. It is the parents who are to blamed for allowing their kids to pee, poop, scream and hit.

They are cute but can be bloody annoying


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  1. August 5, 2011 11:33 AM

    Singapore is so perfect that even the real flowers look artificial. Isn’t it the most boring sterile place on the planet. The whole country has a cleaned laboratory feel to it.
    Contrast that with apna desh.
    The whole place has a used lavoratory feel to it.
    That has its drawbacks but as your example of the kid shows in India answering the call of nature is 2nd nature. Clearly it shows that we do not discriminate i.e. whether it is Rajghat or Railway station, if the call of nature comes, well… we answer it………
    This even handed approach and tolerance should be appreciated madam singapuri

    • August 5, 2011 1:08 PM

      Not a single person who has gone to singapore has ever said that the place has any sense of artificiality to it.
      You it seems enjoy living around puddles of pee and heaps of poo, so im sure that you must be missing the odor. I don’t pay my taxes to step into these heaps or puddles.
      Ps: I bet you were sleeping during your journey cause Sgp is NOT boring. For starters next time try experiencing their nightlife

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