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New Year my style

January 1, 2012

The TV, Radio and newspapers had been flooded with ads and features on how to welcome one’s New Year. A bar, disco, parties is what they constantly talked about. Some Zomato or Tomato wanted me to believe that if I was still at home then I was a loser. I must dress up in towering stilletoes and LBDs and paint the town red with a long session of binge drinking with my friends.

I’m not judging anyone who did, to each his own I say. But I prefer making myself a nice serving of pasta after having played with flavours ad presentation (too much Master Chef I guess). Sprinkle a bit of Parmesan and top it with a fresh Basil leaf!! Then sit in front of the tele, tucked in a thick quilt, watching football and then tangled all night long 😀

Get up early in morning, on a shockingly extremely clear and sunny New Year morning, and enjoy a cup of tea with a few drops of vanilla along with dip-dips…yummmmm. Sit out in the lawn and try to spot Delhi’s winter visitors- the migratory birds. A kingfisher there, a green coloured bird stealing your china oranges, a cat licking herself clean. Run around with your camera in a bid to catch these creatures in action.

Venture out in the streets with a packet a biscuits whistling hoping to come across a litter of puppies. And when you find them nestled in a warm cozy corner with their mother tempt them with the crunching sound of the biscuit pack. Soon you’ll see an extremely friendly mother wagging her tail incessantly and her little fur balls trying to follow her with their tiny feet, tumbling and tripping over each other!

Feed them biscuits and see how hurriedly them gobble down. Picking up those whimpering pups in these winters is such a beautiful experience. Hold them close and see their shivering go away.

So hell with the ‘Party of the Year’ when I’ve got so much to do all around!

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