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Dear Tejaswee…

January 19, 2012

What could be worse than being unable to hug and wish you’re best friend on her b’day? Its been long, its been really really long and I still can’t believe that you’re gone. Today is your 21st B’day, happy happy b’day girl!!

I wish I could have surprised you the way we all surprised Bha Bha with *that* book on her b’day, capture it on video and then have a nice hearty laugh. Sit in the back lawns and giggle like crazy immature girls. I so wish I could turn back time and do all those crazy things we wanted to do. 

Direct a few V.A.A.T movies, save the turtles, go on a nice long trip. Would have anxiously awaited for our results and whine in the meantime about how we’re SO going to flunk and of course the result would always pleasantly surprise us! Those movie marathons and crazy dance sessions in college, our own Romeo and Juliet, funny photo sessions and getting funky haircuts, blue extensions and jazz lessons. We would have done it all!!

But then the reality is that you, sadly, have left us. I bet you’re with God but it’s so unfair that He took away from us a real gem of a person. I never believed that their could be a person as genuine, kind, intelligent and inspiring that s/he could change the course of my life, but then I met you. We sat in class and had long sessions where we discussed politics, culture, ethics and what not. The early morning cafe routine, where you’d buy cold coffee and I’d buy samosas and then we’d share. Playing around with bhengi and you scolding me and Vincy for accidentally (trust me it was an accident) spilling coke on her.

I still dream of you, those huge lively eyes and that beautiful smile. Every time I see a photograph of you a part of me dies, I’m not kidding I swear. You were ( and still are) someone  who inspired me Tj, trust me you did. I though I was ‘modern’ and ‘progressive’ and then you came and challenged by beliefs. You showed me that there was no stopping, and that one had so much to learn and understand. I still fail to fathom how could a girl so young and sweet have such bold ideas and beliefs and have the courage to openly fight for them.

Tj this is your second b’day that we’ll be celebrating without you. I just want you to know that you’re terribly missed.



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