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A Sunday Morning Brunch

February 5, 2012

Is there anything better than a nice lazy Sunday morning? The warmth of one’s bed in this chilly weather, the extended sleep just make my day after having to get up at 6 ‘clock in the morning week after week!

And then the moment you wake up the nice warn sun kisses you on your cheeks! I knew that I had to have a breakfast fit for kings. So what better than a nice fluffy stack of pancakes with honey and crunchy slices of apples? And no I don’t mean Betty Crocker mix pancakes, I mean right from the scratch!!

A ladle full of the freshly prepared batter sizzling the moment you pour it on to the pan, the bubbles and the aroma. Ah, the aroma!! Stack em up along with a chunk of butter and just pour honey all over it!! And to make the deal even sweeter, sit out in the sun and enjoy your meal while the birds chirp and cats roam around your garden.

Pancakes somehow always remind me of Matilda. She though home alone is quite happy making her own (yummy) breakfast, quite like me. Pancakes is comfort food, all fuzzy and heart warming! 😀

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