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To watch or not to watch?

February 8, 2012

The recent hullabaloo concerning Karnataka state ministers watching porn in the state assembly has serious caused an uproar! And the comments and explanations that followed too have faced the public’s wrath. I mean seriously you were watching a video of a woman being raped so that you could talk about the ill effects of rave parties?!!! Common man we expected better excuses, like oh this woman is bombarding me with obscene mms cause she wants me or something.

None the less thank you ministers for not jacking off in the assembly!!

But the real reason why I’m writing is not to discuss how cheap these ministers (now ex) are to be watching porn in the assembly BUT whether porn and other display of sexual acts are morally acceptable or not.

For thousands of years we as a society have attached lewd and negative connotations to sex workers and now in the age of TV and internet porn stars. We have always looked down upon those associated with the sex industry, describing them as immoral people. But why? Do they not have the right to live life with dignity? Do they not have the right to be respected?

Escorts, porn stars, sex workers have the right to choose the profession and still be respectable people. They are not harming anyone now are they? They are simply using their body (whether male or female) or their beauty for money, just the way we all do. a body-builder (Arnold Schwarzenegg for example) displays his body and uses it so does a sumo wrestler, from Katrina Kaif to Lady Diana all used their beauty to be whoever they are today!!

In Indian mythology courtesans and apsaras were respected though they danced in front of men (Gods) and were occasionally used to entice sadhus (saints) and other men, Menaka being the most famous one! Indian temples and caves have been adorned with sculptures depicting sexual acts, be its Khajurao or Konark to name just a few.

I was in class 11 or so when I can across an interview of Sasha Grey, a famous porn star, in a British Movie magazine. Till then I too held stereotypical beliefs against porn stars and sex workers but that interview changed by mindset. An educated girl from a middle- class family on her own chose to enter the profession. What is wrong with that?

What has to seriously change is our attitude towards them. We are the ones who belittle them, abuse them and harass them. Men sexually exploit them whereas women verbally abuse them and socially exclude them.

Moreover, what is wrong with viewing porn, as long as it is in own’s private domain and not out in the public? As long as it is simple fantasizing and not leching and being perverted. It would be quite similar to a bunch of school girls going gaga over Leonardo di Caprio after watching Titanic or boys crazy after Angelina Jolie or Katrina, or mommy after Dharmendra and daddy after the dream girl.

Whether you want view porn or not is your own personal decision, just like smoking or drinking.

Ps: Our favourite Rambo and Rocky star, Sylvester Stallone, used to act in porn movies before he got the big break. That does not change the brilliant man that he is!

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  1. pornopappu permalink
    February 15, 2012 11:07 AM

    A question – anything between consenting adults not harming anyone else is justified right? So is incest ok???
    Secondly how does one explain porn to to a sibling below 18 if they are accidently exposed to it?
    Thirdly, if your loved one (any relative ) became a porn star would you be able to accept them as just another member of the family working in a profession?
    Just coz ur intelligent and have reasons for everything doesn’t mean you are always right 🙂

    • February 15, 2012 11:26 AM

      Firstly, well could you please explain to me what really is incest to you cause I’m confused!
      Acc to jaats its pretty much incest if you marry into the first seven gotras and for that they will kill you… yes I’m talking about the same khaps and ‘Honour’ killings we hate..
      On the other hand its absolutely normal for Muslims to marry their first cousins and for a lot of south Indians to marry their mamas (OMG Right?)… In ancient Egypt one has seen brothers and sisters getting married.. so please do clarify what we’re talking about here.

      Secondly, what is so difficult about explaining porn to a sibling. I believe our younger brothers and sisters also ask us about sex, rape and god knows what, so do you just lie?!!
      Also tell me when you go to Konark with your family for a vacation and you all come across life size sculptures of people doing it. This includes same sex action, men doing horses ( Yes this is Indian culture for you) and god knows what all!! So what do you tell your sibling?

      Thirdly, if someone became a porn star in my family I agree it would be difficult to accept them. Why? Because the society has created so many stereotypes and biases. But I will try to overcome them no matter what. I will still love them and respect them. You do realize its the same attitude with which we treat women who have been raped!! The ‘tsk tsk’ attitude. Get over it, its difficult but please grow up.

      Just cause you can argue does not mean that you’re always right!

      • pornopappu permalink
        February 15, 2012 8:55 PM

        You are confusing sexuality and porn. Sex between consenting adults is their personal matter.
        -Sex between adults with/ or without their consent
        -Shown in an exaggerated form and manner
        -Broadcast in an unregulated manner
        -Often involving people from disturbed family backgrounds/ having no formal job qualifications or alternatives/ looking for a short cut to fame
        -and the act of sex is an end in itself and not an add on to a script.
        when all these conditions are met we can say it is porn and not sexuality.
        Secondly, you are making the classic fallacy of quoting the exception as the rule i.e. Sasha Gray and Khajuraho are exceptions to the rule. Many unfortunate porn stars and the thousands of normal temples are the rule.
        Finally, you are mixing up pleasure with happiness. Many a times indulging in a pleasure might not give happiness, they could be different.
        Therefore pornography is pleasure (both acting and viewing), responsible sex is happiness.
        Just as taking dope is pleasure and having a good diet and going to the gym is happiness
        Also, who gives a fuck about society, watching porn and having sex for the sake of it is addictive, so its better to be balanced for ones own good….
        P.S Your point equating the family member who becomes a porn star with a rape victim is illogical as the first one is an act of choice, the second one is a victim of circumstance. Hence the first needs better career guidance and the second counselling and justice.
        Dishooooooooooooom 😉
        Is the Konarak thing true??

        • February 16, 2012 5:15 AM

          Yes honey the Konark thing is true!!
          And sex is not always happiness!! Seriously please don’t talk like a teenage girl romanticizing everything. Humans and dolphins are the only two creatures that have sex for pleasure.
          PLEASE get your facts straight.
          Btw no more questions on incest? 😛
          If porn involves exaggeration, people from poor backgrounds, no qualifications and looking for fame the first thing that we need to ban is the movie industry.
          Yes it is unregulated, so lets regulate it.
          Btw in the US it IS regulated. You need to get yourself checked for diseases regularly.
          Ps: In most movies, whether pornographic or not, sex is all that sells. That is why this latest line of Shielas and munnis. The actress in shorts and skirts and double meaning jokes.

    • February 15, 2012 4:48 PM

      The comments are more entertaining (and informative) than the article. 😀 “Pornopappu” bow out respectfully.

    • February 16, 2012 5:38 PM

      I’m sorry to say that my faith in humanity keeps quivering now and then due to people like you. A word of advice for the future, please try and use what’s up there and loosen up a little. As for your comment here’s my reply to it..
      So you say that sex netween consenting adults is alright. Then what makes you assume that sex between two pornstars is not consented? Just because most of them are secure enough to tape themselves in the act does not give you any right whatsoever to make judgements about their character, family background, educational qualificatiions, mentality, desire for fame and so on.
      And just as have you have no right to pass such judgments, how the f*** do you even know ‘Sasha Grey’ and that she is one your self-proclaimed exceptions???
      As for Khajurao and Konark and it’s normalcy, honey here’s a little history lesson, our country has such a brilliant a ‘sexplosive’ past, there are thousands of literary works only on this aspect of our cultural tradition. A little example, the very popular Indian dance form, Bharatnatyam, has evolved from and is the sanitized version of a dance form which back in the days was an artistic form of sex education, and the ‘mudras’ in the dance were actually representations of sex positions.
      Also, your so-called chaste mytological figures by the way were the biggest nymphomaniacs ever known.
      And dear Lord, you have to get a grammar lesson as well now? By the way, having sex releases more endorfines (the happiness hormone) in the body than the ammount which gets released by laughing for an hour. Furthermore, along with the endorphines, the adrenaline rush one gets from sex is equivalent to the amount one would get from bungee jumping or being in a roller coaster. Also, men AND women who indulge in sex regularly are said to live much longer than those who don’t and are also known to live happier lives than their unfortunate counterparts. So for the sake of your own wellbeing stop making downright idiotic statements like ‘pleasure is different from being happy’.
      And now to your question about whether one would be okay if one of my folks becomes a porn-star. YES I would be okay with that. Since XYZ is committing no crime and is doing (albeit at another level) just what your Shielas, Munnis and Jalebi Bais are doing- enticing the quintessential and primal human instinct… ‘sexual pleasure’.
      Once again loosen up a little. And another word of advice, get some action. It’ll help you loosen up.

      • February 18, 2012 2:09 PM

        Dude this thing just keeps on getting more and more entertaining!!

  2. pornopappu permalink
    February 16, 2012 12:41 PM

    Now where did Doll fins come in…..:-) 🙂
    Is animal planet gonna be banned too???
    Well well an entertaining round of discussion it was…
    So for entertainment you get 15/10 , for logic…..well….ahem….. u c…..its 5/10
    so that is still 10/10 bravo….
    since I am outnumbered heavily discretion is better than valour 🙂
    P.S. Sex sells but then so does dope 🙂
    And finally a confession – Am headed to the dark side to watch dirty pictures 🙂 🙂 so adios amigo….

    • February 16, 2012 12:56 PM

      Really now you’re going to digress?? Not done Mr Pornopappu!!
      I do have on question for you though, do answer before you leave.
      How do you know that porn is addictive? Been in and out of sex- rehabs now have we?

  3. February 16, 2012 5:40 PM

    Brilliant post AN. 😀
    I have nothing more to add.
    And sorry if you have any censorship policies, I’m gonna toe the line a little.. 😛

  4. Pornopappu permalink
    February 16, 2012 8:26 PM

    Nopes I am addicted to reality as it is :-). And I don’t confuse pleasure with happiness :-). Adios Amigo 🙂
    P.S Imagine if these ministers ended up on the censor board , what then..

  5. Pornopappu permalink
    February 17, 2012 4:49 PM

    Well sorry to drop by again but AK’s comments hit somewhat of a raw nerve

    My view is that if the answer to the following 3 questions is Yes , then pornography can become a legitimate profession and indulging / watching it is fine.

    1) Would you be comfortable with yourself/a family member/ loved one being a member of the adult entertainment industry? Would you accept it as just another profession?

    2) Would you be comfortable if any member of your family below 18 accidentally / deliberately watches pornographic material? Would you consider it as just any other media content?

    3) Do you believe that MOST (not some) actors in the adult entertainment industry work there because of their own free will and it is their preferred profession i.e. their dream job?

    If everyone comes to the HONEST view that the answer to all 3 above questions is Yes , then well it settles the debate in the other direction.

    My personal and honest answer to all 3 is no

    Also, I believe that a lot of people are confusing porn and sex which is why 5 points were highlighted above to distinguish the two.

    Finally AK frankly I just think you are opinion rich and fact poor.

    If your faith in humanity quivers and shivers just because I said sex is good and porn is not then well…….

    Would appreciate your answers to the above 3 questions.

    Also about the background of porn stars there is data from several academic papers in case you care…..

    At least AS has a wicked sense of humor, maybe you can pick up some of that

    And don’t even speculate about my sex life I’ll just say it’s pretty damn good and if you can’t make a point don’t get personal 🙂

    muah 😉

    • February 19, 2012 6:36 AM

      Ok I believe now its truce time!!

      We all can agree to disagree but something we can’t deny is respect for those working in the sex industry!

  6. February 19, 2012 7:50 AM

    I’m a gigolo. Try judging me.

    • February 19, 2012 10:17 AM

      I don’t and I won’t.
      Ps: Can I have your no. just in case 😉


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