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That ball of fire

February 24, 2012


An early morning flight might seem to a hassle, having to get up before the crack of dawn, facing the chilly winter, but it’s worth every damn penny. At least for me it is!!

Sitting on the airplane while the city is still asleep, greeting the rising sun up in the sky is just beautiful. Far away in the horizon the sky seems to be a canvas, with those brilliant colours setting it ablaze. A deep crimson red, a beautiful orange and then shades of yellow and green merging into the blues and purples. It is an absolute treat for ones eyes is the least that I can say! It is a humongous rainbow welcoming you high up in the sky.

Seeing the sun rise is way too beautiful, I’m pretty much out of words. From a small but glistening speck far far away, the sun in pretty much

an instant becomes a huge massive ball, constantly altering the sky. And then it becomes so bright that I can no longer even stare at it in awe. One is soon forced to pull down the shutters!!

Of course a morning flights has other benefits too. For instance, one doesn’t find oneself in an alien city at a god forsaken hour. The bright sun makes one feel safe no matter what even if stranded in the remotest place on earth, knowing that one is screwed. Come night and one is scared to death even if you’re on the right track!


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  1. February 24, 2012 5:07 PM

    Great shots. Thank you for sharing.

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