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One day suddenly

May 27, 2012

Never ever had I imagined that my life would change so suddenly. I’ve been through ups and downs, been elated and been depressed, been sane and insane. But I didn’t realize that my life would change beyond recognition, at least not so soon!

Every morning I’d wake up early, today it was a little more early than usual. Actually quite early than usual, even before the sunrise. I was wide awake in my bed by four, my tummy rumbling. Something unsettling, something exiting. I had been looking forward to this day for months, actually years. My eyes were burning cause I had barely slept and sleeping was definitely not on my to-do list.

Today was the day that I’d leave my beloved home town and move to another city, all alone. My first job, my job at Facebook, was uprooting me from the city I love so dearly- Delhi. Despite the horror stories, the rapes and the abundance of politicians and ‘don’t-you-know-who-I-am’, Delhi is where I’ve always felt safe. My family, my friends, school, college and even my village all in this wonderfully colorful city. Mom was just a room away, my friends a call away and my ancestral land a long drive away after which I could run in the fields, pluck fruits and vegetable, try to milk a cow (once) and fail (miserably) or just jump into a tubewell.

And suddenly after one short flight it all seems so so far away. It seems like a distant memory, almost as if it never happened. And then all of a sudden it all starts to replay in my mind vividly, again and again. I remember those walks to India Gate with my elder brother and mom, I remember hooting and cheering from the car in the middle of the night when we won the world cup, I remember the food, the wide central Delhi roads lined with big white government houses with sprawling lawns. Mine too was a similar one, with two mango trees. Oh the aam panna every year made from the mangoes from the very same trees, every year, year after year.

And now that I sit in my hotel room, all alone, typing out this post I feel sad. I remember my brother holding my hand while we drove to the airport in the morning, all throughout. Mom bidding me goodbye, hugging me, holding me, while sniffing. I miss my friends, I miss my gang, I miss the free coffees at the library which I ever-so religiously visited to study. My stuffed toy, my buddy – Sheru is on the bed and he seems sad too!

While I’m sad, I’m also excited. I’m super excited. Tomorrow will be the first day of my first job ever!! Right out of college, a college which has made me a proud, confident woman and has given me wonderful friends. I’m looking forward to learning news things, making new friends and roaming the whole of south.

I’m dying to have the famous Hyderabadi biryani, and soon I’ll be missing mom’s food. the same food that I’ve hated for so long! It is the same with freedom. I’ve always craved for me freedom, not that mom has really curtailed me or jailed me for being a girl, still. And slowly I’m sure this freedom will come to haunt me, no mommy waiting up, no food waiting on the table!

But hey I’m going to work my @$$ off, and party hard. Hope Hyderabad turns out to be awesome!

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