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True Holi

May 27, 2012

This holi was super special for me. After four long years did I get to celebrate this colourful festival with my brother!! Every year he’d be in Kharagpur celebrating holi the real nasty way while me and mom did nothing but a plain and simple tika.

This year on the contrary it was super colourful, super messy and super- duper messy. Me and my closest college friends decided to be a part of JNU’s famous holi celebration. We had been so super excited cause we all had be bored of constantly working on our dissertations and moreover this is our final year in college. This might be the last year hen we’ll be together, with someone taking a job in hyderabad, or someone going abroad our group, we knew just wasn’t going to be the same.

So there we found ourselves standing outside the big black gates of JNU collecting our tolli and then we made a dash for it. We were greeted with splashes of pichkari, handful of colour, hugs and of course the *special thandai*. I mean come on what is holi without ‘thandai’?!!

So there  we spent next few hours playing a crazy holi, blackening each others faces, messing with everyone’s hair, using bottles and plastic bags to throw water and simply laughing at the foreigners playing with lil’ pichkaris!

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