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Makes me drool, makes me cry

August 31, 2012

Its been more than three months that I moved from Delhi to this whole new city, Hyderabad. In this short span I have had some wonderful experiences and made amazing friends and at the same time had probably the worst experiences of my life.

I have cried for hours on sunday, feeling lonely and distressed, and laughed and danced my ass away with my new found friends. Its been a huge emotional roller coaster, it wasn’t supposed to be but well it did happen to be. After all, how could I think that a new city, one so different from my Delhi, a new culture – from college to a corporate and strangers all around me.


Despite all these crazy emotions one thing has helped me cope with it all – food. Well I’m not much of a foodie and to be quite honest I’m not at all a spicy and oily food person. I can get nose bleeds, running nose, tears, just name it. And then Hyderabad is quite the spice capital. Amidst this all whenever I get homemade food I’m such a goner!

Thankfully, I have the best flatmate in the world and damn is she a wonderful cook. Rava dosa, pasta, rice and curry, egg bhurji….yum!!!! Every time I get to taste something homely it brings tears to my eyes and all of a sudden I feel so warm.

Today is no exception, the only difference is that instead of my roomie it is my office colleague cooking, a Bong. Probably the first conversation I had with her was surrounding how much I love ‘mach’ and durga puja and that very day I made her promise that she had to cook for me. Today is that amazing day, while I sit and blog she is standing in the kitchen brilliantly pouring in all those amazing spices.

Its like seeing an artist or sculptor at work, the love and effort going into preparing the food is just phenomenal. She is standing in the heat, gracefully cooking for me and others while we listen to music and make merry.

I can already smell the turmeric powder being rubbed into the chicken and a generous drizzle of lemon juice is making my mouth water! The roti and rice, the freshly cut salad, the mustard oil burning away, the ginger garlic paste simmering away in the kadhai! And oh my god the smell of caramalized onions drifting in the air is making me dizzy with joy and excitement.

Nothing, simply nothing makes me so chirpy. Nothing makes me so emotional and yet so happy.It is an unparalleled feeling. I miss home but never ever felt so at home in this city, all thanks to great food!


Thank you Bong, thank you Bri!


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