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December 26, 2012

I after days and days of getting stuck in traffic everyday, thanks to Lutyen’s Delhi being cordoned off in the aftermath of the Delhi Rape Case protests, finally got to reach office on time without having to face the wrath of god-awful traffic.

I feel that the clampdown was completely unnecessary. After all it was completely an apolitical issue. This could have been UPA/Congress’s time to shine. Hindsight would have taught the government that keeping mum on things does not work, the Anna Movement instantly became a pan-India movement despite they choosing to keep quiet. It could have been useless Rahul Gandhi’s moment of becoming the ‘youth leader’ that he claims to be.

After all what did the people want? They wanted to be reassured that the government was seriously going to look into the break down of law and order that was causing the consistent increase in rapes. Of course, hordes of emotional people, with placards and candles, were also demanding death penalty for the culprits but that is beyond the main point.

While I am against death penalty, and I am open to debating on this, I am with the people in principle. I strongly believe that the people have the right to come out and protest against things that they feel are wrong. In today’s day and age when people think that sharing photos on Facebook will help eliminate poverty in Africa or save a girl dying cause of cancer, the hundreds of people out on the roads was a wonderful sight.

It was wonderful cause none of them, almost none, had any political motive. They were all driven by the concern of the safety of women and obviously aghast by the brutality of the violence and not just the occurrence of rape. Out on the road to send across a message, a very strong message.

I refuse to accept Home Minister Shinde’s excuse that we can’t come out and negotiate with anyone. Today students, tomorrow Maoists.

Firstly, India is a damn (defunct) democracy. It (apparently) is for the people, of the people, by the people. Thus, the government is answerable to the people. You represent the people and thus have the responsibility of listening to them and communicating with them. This ‘maai-baap’ style of politics is no longer acceptable. And after all when you can meet the people, hug them, greet them, while asking them to vote for you why can’t you interact with them when you are finally elected?!

Secondly, what sense did it make to compare students to Maoists? Have these children picked up guns and ‘threatening’ the sovereignty of the state? And so what if the Maoists want to communicate and negotiate with you? How the hell will you resolve the burning conflict that is plaguing huge parts of our country? Are guns your only answer? So much for being the Land of Mahatma.

It is high time that the government woke up! They might be able to fizzle out this protests by spin doctoring Subhash Tomar’s death. Yes, it is sad that he died, no death is justified. But let the political class realize that every movement that they sabotage, the next one will see more and more people coming out (to whip their @$$)

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