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Its high time we started to discuss….

February 20, 2013

Just recently I posted a video of the song “Tharki India”, on my Facebook account along with the status saying that the song is a perfect representation of the ‘mental state of India’.

Instantly I got a comment, from an old schoolmate, saying that “Do not comment on the ‘mental state of India….please”. I wonder why is it that we instantly jump up to our nation’s (doesn’t matter whether its India or not) rescue when it is being critiqued?

Why is it that we citizens have not matured to be able to accept the flaws of our society? Why should we not discuss the mental state of our society, country, leaders? Why can a person not highlight the problems plaguing one’s own culture without being termed as a traitor?

Tharki India

It is high time that we all started discussing the sort of nation we are living in and the kind of thought, ideas and ideals we are contributing to the society! It needn’t be in the aftermath of a horrific rape or scam expose, it can be just another day.

In fact while writing this post something dragged me to the song on Youtube. It is quite funny yet sad to see how scores of Indian men are cursing the singer – Manpreet Dhami for singing such a song and ruining the image of our ‘great country’. Other nit wits write how the same crimes happen in other countries and that women should not show their naked bodies to the whole world.

With comments like this flying all over the internet and thousands more in the minds of people across our nation why are we so scared to discuss about our country? If we refuse to accept our faults will we ever be able to change our society? Can we then ever claim to be a super power?

In a nation with abysmally high levels of poverty, gender violence, discrimination on the basis of caste, class, sexual orientation, can we really afford to sweep such pressing matters under the carpet? Can we actually be proud of our nation while typing a comment asking a person to not talk about the mental state of our country? Can turning a blind eye to one’s shortcomings be termed patriotism?

I’m glad that the singer- Manpreet, came up with this song that accurately reflects the India society. And hats off to the guy for standing up against all those people commenting on his videos and blaming women and justifying crimes against women.

Here is a link to the video. Must watch!


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  1. February 20, 2013 4:07 PM

    That is the MAIN problem here. Tell me one thing, if a person having cancer catches it in first stage but still refuses to acknowledge it, can he ever even hope to get all right? NO. That is the problem in India. we create the Illusion of complete perfection around us, a perfect independent judiciary, a competent Executive and strong legislature. is it so? i highly doubt it. when we cannot even table a law for the protection of the half of the indian population (women) (sorry but the current law is just useless) Then how can we ever do anything else or even begin to tackle other issues or give more importance to foreign affairs? It’s just pathetic.
    please check out my poem:
    And my blog also.. there’s a whole category of protect the girls. Read that! Thanks 🙂

    • February 21, 2013 4:13 AM

      I agree with you however I don’t think its about the laws as much as it is about the deeply entrenched patriarchal beliefs. The laws are there (well many do need serious overhauling) but the fact remains that the lawmakers, enforcers and citizens do not agree with them. By and large people (men and women)do believe in the gender-ed roles and stereotypes. Till the time our thinking and beliefs do not change nothing is going to help, laws are just a legal remedy to seek justice against what has already happened. It cannot stop the occurrence,only the change in our thinking can stop crimes against women.

      Ps: Love the poem 🙂

      • February 22, 2013 3:40 PM

        yeah, i compleltly agree. specially boys should be taught proper values since the very beginning instead of learning things like they are the centre of every girls universe or some dumb shit.
        Guys actually walk everywhere thinking they are the king or something, it’s pathetic. It’s not actually their fault. most of them grow in an environment where they are preferred over their sisters, their father beats their mom telling them that he rules and stuff… so first all of that has to be tackled.
        thank you 🙂

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