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A brave, bold voice!

February 23, 2014

Long time ago I wrote about why pornography should be legal while a large part of India was still hung-up about the pact that three MLA’s were watching porn in the Karnataka Assembly. The huge uproar had, I felt and still do, distracted people from the main point- how do we treat and understand sex workers.

Today I came across a wonderful post written by a student of the highly prestigious Duke University (US) who happens to have entered the porn industry so that she could pay for her education. While you might think that her post might be about the exploitation and abuse that she has had to undergo..well you are right but the exploitation hasn’t been at the hands of the people in the sex-industry instead she has been bullied, shamed and what-not by so-called everyday folks like you and me.

It’s a wonderfully written articles that hits the nail right on the head:-

Duke University Freshman Porn Star- a must read



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