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The perfect reason!

February 14, 2014

For months I had been subconsciously aware of the fact that I hadn’t been blogging. While I made a half-hearted effort by posting a bunch of photographs that would describe the year 2013 perfectly, I just never really could get into the spirit of writing my blog feverishly the way I used to.

I still remember how every single conversation, every small incident in my life provided me with a punchline that I could blog about. But over the past few months I had just been blank. I blame the writer’s block that I have been encountering ever since I submitted two dissertations simultaneously. Additionally, ever since then I have been forced to write academic papers and feature articles or rather puke them out every now and then. What this meant was that my creative machinery had become severely damaged (that is if there ever really was one)!

But something happened yesterday which carried on till just a few minutes today that has just released a gush of creative juices in my body and I must blog about them this very instant. Yesterday started off by being a very dull day as I had to prepare for my Sociology of Ecology test. Now the problem (and the joy of) being in something like the Young India Fellowship is that you get to study loads of different subjects and then must also submit a paper or give an exam, depending on the professor.

So there I come out of the class having written my exam, which went pretty well, a little disappointed cause I just wanted to do something. You know paint, or go out for a jog or just dance. I went back to the hostel hoping that a bunch of people might want to go to Strikers (a nice club with good music) since it was ladies nights but alas there were no takers.

It seemed that my only consolation that night was going to be Apurv’s request to teach him how to iron clothes cause I had thoroughly shamed him for not knowing how to (according to me there are a few basics every individual must know- cook, iron, drive) and then Gaurav’s request to help him set up start-up’s Facebook page.

So post dinner there I was sitting in my room telling A how to iron clothes, especially suits cause they are usually tricky ones. Soon two of my friends Chahal and Shahzaib ended up joining us as they found it amusing. In the middle of the ironing session I got a call from one my MOST favourite persons on this planet – J. After giggling and squealing on  the phone while trying to teach a boy how to iron, I found myself in G’s room doing something that I had more than a year ago gladly decided never to do again even though I was being paid for it. 

In the middle of setting up G’s Facebook page I found myself talking to J again, asking him to help me with something. God it reminded me so much of my days at Facebook where I would turn to my seniors (including J) to help me out. The nostalgia of my few but largely joyous days in Hyderabad just came back to me and I was enjoying every single second of setting up the pages, updating information, and linking twitter accounts.

I was enjoying myself SO much that I didn’t realize that it was 1:30 in the night! At this point G turned to me and said that I should try catching up on some sleep cause Rahat (his roomate and a gem of a person) along with a few others would soon be picking us up. I was startled and inquired as to where we were going. He told me that R had just bought a new car and therefore in order to celebrate Chachi, Rinku, Ira, R, Dc, G and now I would be going to Murthal to have parathas at Sukhdev dhaba.

Now for all those who don’t know what or where Murthal is let me tell you that it is on the Ambala highway, near Sonepat, and is famous for its dhabas. Barely had I shut my laptop, I was asked to wear my shoes and jump into R’s car and start our 70 km-long journey at 2 in the night. But hey before we could race to our paratha hogging destination we had to take a 15 km detour in order to pick up …..alcohol….duh!

So yes there we were driving in the middle of the night…no wait the early hours of morning to a place I had heard sooo much about, speeding through and zipping from in between lorries while facing torrential rain which added to our winter woes. Yes, I know its dangerous and trust me I was slightly scared but yesssssss. Somewhere at 4 am we found ourselves gorging on parathas, dahi, makhan and gulab jamun. And while the food was BLAH the experience of just randomly getting into a car with your friends, something you only see in movies, was just plain exhilarating.

But wait picture abhi baki hai! While coming back we decided to stop at the Ashoka University campus, which will be hosting the Young India Fellowship from this year, and snap pictures just to make the night even more memorable! The journey back was in no possible way any less brilliant. The sheer fact that I was in car, on an impromptu trip, singing and joking and laughing away at such ungodly hours even though I’m the “early to bed, early to rise”-kinds is what books and movies are based on. Oh wait I forgot to add one super important detail, DC had a job interview at 9 in the morning. 😛

At around 6:30 in the morning we were standing at the red light just before our hostel when I realized that we had been standing there for the past five minutes, not because R was sloshed but because he realized that YIF was soon coming to an end (98 days left!) and he would no longer have the joy/pain of standing at the same red light. I could sense him becoming all teary-eyed and so I suggested that we should drop DC at the hostel and then go to the ridge and enjoy the sunrise!

So we dropped Dc (and G) and found ourselves driving to the ridge, parking our car on the flyover and walking it down to the small lake even though it was still pouring. We spent more than an hour there dancing and talking, hugging and joking and just enjoying the spectacular view that was there in front of us. But more than that was the joy of just being there with good friends.

While you might think that this party was over once we came back to the hostel (which was around 8:30) well then you’d be mistaken. I got some tea from the mess and took it to Chachi’s room where we all sat with a jovial R telling everyone how much he was grateful to us all and how this was probably the best valentine’s day ever for him.

And no the party still isn’t over! R and Rinku had this brilliant idea that we must go to American Dinner for breakfast and then after nagging Chachi we all (and now Onaiza) we ended up at the dinner at 10:30 or so. The drive to the place is another epic story as R decided to wish every freaking person “Happy Valentine’s Day” and told them to smile as he danced to Honey Singh in the car!

The Dinner was full, given the fact that today is Valentine’s Day, and so we decided to head to Khan Market and eat at Blue Door Cafe (I think) where we had the luxury of sitting on the terrace, enjoying great food and the company of friends.


Loved every single bit of it!


Botanical Gardens

December 31, 2013
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Next stop Malaysia:

December 22, 2013

Next stop Malaysia:

Trekked 5 hours to see the world’s biggest flower- Raffelasia

My year in a few snapshots

December 20, 2013

I know its been forever since I last blogged. Life has been just way too busy but that is no excuse to stop blogging. Therefor I plan on telling you all the story of this wonderful year that is coming an end through a bunch of photographs.

I’ll start chronologically. So here it goes!


Photobombing Level: Awesome

Singapore, January 2013. Visiting my brother, meeting my friends, good food, awesome travel!

Puppy love

February 24, 2013


Its high time we started to discuss….

February 20, 2013

Just recently I posted a video of the song “Tharki India”, on my Facebook account along with the status saying that the song is a perfect representation of the ‘mental state of India’.

Instantly I got a comment, from an old schoolmate, saying that “Do not comment on the ‘mental state of India….please”. I wonder why is it that we instantly jump up to our nation’s (doesn’t matter whether its India or not) rescue when it is being critiqued?

Why is it that we citizens have not matured to be able to accept the flaws of our society? Why should we not discuss the mental state of our society, country, leaders? Why can a person not highlight the problems plaguing one’s own culture without being termed as a traitor?

Tharki India

It is high time that we all started discussing the sort of nation we are living in and the kind of thought, ideas and ideals we are contributing to the society! It needn’t be in the aftermath of a horrific rape or scam expose, it can be just another day.

In fact while writing this post something dragged me to the song on Youtube. It is quite funny yet sad to see how scores of Indian men are cursing the singer – Manpreet Dhami for singing such a song and ruining the image of our ‘great country’. Other nit wits write how the same crimes happen in other countries and that women should not show their naked bodies to the whole world.

With comments like this flying all over the internet and thousands more in the minds of people across our nation why are we so scared to discuss about our country? If we refuse to accept our faults will we ever be able to change our society? Can we then ever claim to be a super power?

In a nation with abysmally high levels of poverty, gender violence, discrimination on the basis of caste, class, sexual orientation, can we really afford to sweep such pressing matters under the carpet? Can we actually be proud of our nation while typing a comment asking a person to not talk about the mental state of our country? Can turning a blind eye to one’s shortcomings be termed patriotism?

I’m glad that the singer- Manpreet, came up with this song that accurately reflects the India society. And hats off to the guy for standing up against all those people commenting on his videos and blaming women and justifying crimes against women.

Here is a link to the video. Must watch!


Oh those lovely ladies!

February 17, 2013